Needs of a Tree

What Does Your Tree Need?
For your trees to remain healthy and beautiful, they will require many things. Some of these needs are provided by Mother Nature. Yet, quite often we alter the area around the tree and do not realise that we must compensate for this or risk damaging the tree permanently. Most people know that a tree will require adequate sunlight and sufficient water in order to stay in good health. But is this enough? Sure, you and I can survive on bread and water alone, but are we going to be healthy and happy? Trees, like people require nutrients. They obtain these through the soil around their root systems. This soil must be fertile and with a good soil structure and percolation rate. Organic materials within the soil provide these nutrients. Mother Nature provides beneficial soil organisms in the form of worms, insects, fungi and bacteria. When we change the environment around the tree we are in essence putting the tree on a strict diet and therefore making it stress. By removing other plants and mulch, by planting grass, by building and altering drainage we drastically alter a trees environment.




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