3.3 Estuary Locations


What types of things do you think you would find living here?

Harris: The Estuary is the place were the ocean and sea meet.  

You probably wonder where estuaries are located at, well let me tell you. Basically at an estuary, the salty ocean mixes with a freshwater river, resulting in brackish water. Well, brackish is somewhat salty, but not as salty the ocean. ~ Maggie Lawerence

FELIX WANTS TO ADD: Estuaries are mostly found near beaches, bays, and piers. A bay is natural and a pier is man-made. Cape May is an estuary. There are many estuaries in America. There is one in Tampa as well. 

WHERE ARE THEY AT?  Naomi gives us the lowdown: Some estuary locations are:
*New Hampshire
*New Jersey
*New York
and more!

Some estuary names are:
*Tampa Bay
*San Francisco Bay
*Delaware estuary



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