5th Grade Text


23 thoughts on “5th Grade Text

  1. Mr lilholt I can not get on to chapter 4.4 on my mom’s iPad. I could bring in a note to school tomorrow if you whould like. Please wright back.

  2. mr l, for the part of the rubric where it says we must include abiotic and biotic figures, do we have to write something like, ” this fish was a biotic creature”, or something like that, or just mention an abiotic or biotic figure in the story?

  3. mr lilholt for homework on sheet 2 there are lots of words i dont know or forgot the definition what should i do P.S i looked for the definition for the words i dont know but did not undestand it and used my resources too please wright back.

  4. HI Mr.lilholt i was just wondering for homework tonight for the answers to the questions are we supposed to do the answers in sentences?

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