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September to beginning of october

6th Grade: Physical Science

The Periodic Table of Videos – University of Nottingham


3rd Grade: Fruits & Vegetables

What is the difference between a fruit and a vegetable
Fruit vs Vegetable – Difference and Comparison | Diffen


Vegetables And Fruits – Juiced Vs. Raw – YouTube


Fruits OR Vegetables – YouTubeFruits & Veggies More Matters : Games that Teach Kids about Fruit & Vegetable Nutrition : Health Benefits of Fruits & – Fruits & Veggies More Matters‚Ñ¢


3rd Grade: Plants

Saved Tabs

Venus Flytrap in Action – YouTube


Seed timelapse РYouTubeTime Lapse of Plants Growing 2 РYouTubeTime Lapse РTomato Plant HD РYouTubePA DCNR - Native PlantsNPIN: Campanulastrum americanum (American bellflower)Sport Science: Hitting a softball РYouTube


untitled folder


5th Grade: Maps

Saved Tabs

The National Map


Overview –


Globe – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaEquator Map, Tropic of Cancer Map, Tropic of Capricorn Map, Prime Meridianlatitude: facts about latitude — Britannica Online EncyclopediaLatitude and Longitude – YouTube

171 Conarroe St, Philadelphia, PA 19127 to S 23rd St & Catharine St, Philadelphia, PA 19146 – Google Maps

What is a map legendFloorplanner – DEMO PLANSFamily Xpeditions: Latitude and Longitude – National Geographic EducationGOOD MAP SITE


5th Grade: Measurement

Metric & Standard Measurement Systems – YouTube


Cubit_rule_Egyptian_NK_from_Liverpool_museum.jpg 986√ó270 pixelsHand_Units_of_Measurement.PNG 339√ó391 pixels


4th Grade: Watersheds

Water conservation tips – How to conserve water at home – YouTube


Water Changes Everything. – YouTubeThe Story of Bottled Water (2010) – YouTubeWater – Liquid Awesome: Biology #2 – YouTubeOffice Hours: Water – YouTubeWater Science Questionnaire #3: Water use at homeWater Facts: WaterToward a world of thirst ? | UNEP/GRID-Arendal – Publications – Vital Water Graphics 2 – PageWater Footprint Calculator – National GeographicTotal Water Use per capita by Country


3rd Grade: Agriculture/Nutrition

Nutrition For Kids


Exploratorium Science Of Gardening: Feed: Plants and people alike, we all have a need to feed.Plants – Interactive Science Games and ActivitiesPlant Chemistry – The Periodic Table of Videos – University of NottinghamGoogle Image Result for of Plants: Introduction


5th Grade: Cartography & Mapping

Cynthia Lanius’ Lessons: The Mathematics of Cartography


October to November

4th Grade Water Usage/Toilet day

How Much Water Do You Use?


A Water Resource – Water Use Chart


World Toilet Day | WaterAid



Soil Science Society of America: The Story of Soil and Dig It Exhibit Preview – YouTube


Soils Sustain Life — Soil Science Society of America – YouTubeFarm – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediafarming – Google SearchSoil Science Education – Soil in the NewsSoil science – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaSoilMap 2Dig It! The Secrets of SoilHome | Soil Science Society of America


4th Grade Aquatic Adaptations



Life and Adaptations to Water – South Australian MuseumAdaptations of totally submerged, floating and swamp plants.Extremophiles in hot water – YouTubeOTTERS – Adaptations for an Aquatic EnvironmentWhat are the types of Aquatic Adaptation?SEA TURTLES – Adaptations for an Aquatic EnvironmentDolphin and Whale Adaptations to an Aquatic Lifestyle


5th Grade Ch.14 erosion/weathering

The Black Canyon at Gunnison National Park – YouTube


Deposition & Erosion – YouTubeSuzanne Mikawa – Erosion – YouTubeErosion – YouTubeHowStuffWorks Show: Episode 4: Power Of Water Erosion – YouTubePhysical Geography: Weathering & Erosion – Biosphere: ErosionErosion – Information on Erosion


5th Grade Chapter 14.1 Vocab

Weathering & Erosion


Observe the effects of mechanical weathering.Weathering and Erosion – Frost WedgingChemical Weathering


5th Grade Chapter 14.2

Stream – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Rivers and streams, from USGS Water-Science SchoolSedimentary StructuresMassive Cornwall rockfall captured on video! – YouTubeDeposition (geology) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaRivers and their catchments: channel form and processesStratigraphic Up TutorialLandslide Hazards ProgramMass MovementBedforms and Cross-Bedding in Animation – USGS PCMSCMass-WastingWhat is erosion?


5th Grade Chapter 14.3

Floodplain Management Association Home


Braided StreamsMeandering Streams


3rd Grade Abiotic vs. Biotic

Abiotic vs. Biotic


Abiotic vs Biotic Factors Worksheet doc free ebook download from


4th Grade Point vs Non-Point Source Pollution

Point vs. Non-point Source Pollution


Creek Connections


3rd Grade Food Chains and Food Webs

Food Chain – Kid’s Corner


Food Chain: EnchantedLearning.comFood Chains and Food WebsChain Reaction РBuild a Food ChainFood Biosphere: Food ChainsPLANETPALS Earth Science of Food chain Animals Herbivores CarnivoresNational Geographic Explorer (Student Magazine) РQuick FlicksFood Web and Food Chain||SAHFOS|| Education PagesFood WebFitting Algae Into the Food WebFood WebWHAT EATS? — A FOOD WEB WEBSITE FOR KIDS!


5th grade Drainage Basins

Drainage basin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Drainage Basins And Watersheds – Geology For Kids – By KidsGeo.comdrainage basin (geology) — Britannica Online Encyclopediadrainage basinU.S. Army Corps of Engineers New Orleans District: The Mississippi Drainage Basin


4th Grade Intro to Water Testing

MWRA School Program – “Water Quality Testing Manual” Guide for Middle Schools and High Schools – Free download


Water testing – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaCDC – Well Testing – Wells – Private Water Systems – Drinking Water – Healthy WaterBottled Water Test. Alkaline Ionized Water. What are you really drinking? – YouTubeAfraid of Contamination? How to Test the Water in Your HouseHow do oil spills affect aquatic plants? | Science Fair Projects for School StudentspH – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaOxygen saturation – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaNitrogen (N) and waterTurbidity – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


3rd Grade Farming


4th Grade Water Testing Sites

Water Analysis– Methods


USGS Current Conditions for USGS 01474500 Schuylkill River at Philadelphia, PA


pH ScaleWater’s the Matter– Introduction:¬† Dissolved OxygenWater’s the Matter– Introduction:¬† NitratesPhosphates in Surface Water


5th Grade Cave Formation

cave formation – YouTube


Underworld Cave of Swallows – Information about caves – Planet earth – Caves – YouTubeMexico’s Caves 1/2 – YouTubeCave diving reveals secret world – Earth – The Power of the Planet – BBC – YouTubeBBC Planet Earth – Episode 4 – Caves – YouTubeObserve an animation of cave formation.Formation of cave


5th Grade Farming Erosion

erosion and farming – Google Search


WWF – Farming: Soil erosion and degradationsoil erosionSoil ErosionFarm Basics – Soil Erosion #684 (Air Date 5/15/11) – YouTube9 Simple Methods to Control Erosion on the FarmTeachers’ Domain: Flood: Farming and ErosionErosionSoil Erosion in Agricultural SystemsErosion-Free FarmingLong-term effects of organic and conventional farming on soil erosion


6th Grade Flight/Bernoulli’s Principal

Bernoulli’s principle – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Bernoulli’s PrincipleHowStuffWorks “How Airplanes Work”HowStuffWorks “What’s the world’s largest airplane?”Forces of FlightFlight dynamics (fixed wing aircraft) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaMaking Machines: The Science of Flight, Part 1 – YouTubeMaking Machines: The Science of Flight, Part 2 – YouTubeMaking Machines: The Science of Flight, Part 3 – YouTubeDr Karl Kruszelnicki explains the science of flight – YouTubeHow Do Airplanes Fly? The Science Behind Air Travel & Flight – YouTube‚Äé Science of Flying


5th Grade Water Properties (intro to H2O)

Water in The City – Water Science


H2O – The Mystery, Art, and Science of Water: The Physics of Water in the UniverseThe Surprisingly Strange Physics of Water | LifesLittleMysteries.comWater structure and scienceChanging State of Water – Ice, Water, Steam – Science Games & Activities for KidsWater Chemistry – Facts and Properties of Water – Why Water is ImportantHowStuffWorks “Water Properties”Water Balloon in a Bottle – Sick Science! #103 – YouTubeWater – Liquid Awesome: Biology #2 – YouTube


3rd Grade Decomposition

Fruit and Vegetable Decomposition, Time-lapse – YouTube


Rotting Watermelon Decomposition Timelapse Footage – YouTubeRotting Tomato HD – The Time Lapse Guys – YouTubeRotting Food 1 – Decomposing Fruit & Berries – Time Lapse – Best Shot Footage – Stock Footage – YouTubeDecomposing Jack-O-Lantern in Compost Heap, Time-lapse – YouTubeWhat is a decomposer?Decomposition – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaWhat Is Decomposition?Decomposers – NatureWorksKid’s Corner – Decomposers PageEpisode 4: Decomposers – YouTubeDecomposers – YouTubeWhat’s Eating You: Producers, Consumer, Decomposers – YouTubeFungi: Death Becomes Them – CrashCourse Biology #39 – YouTube


5th Grade Glacier Videos

Antarctic glacier collapse – YouTube


Yosemite Nature Notes – Episode 12 – Glaciers – YouTubeGlacier Power – YouTubeGiant Glaciers – Wild New World – BBC Planet – YouTubeGlaciers and their effects – YouTubeWhat is a glacier? Glacier Bay, AK 9/1/11 – YouTubeRivers of Ice – Moving Art‚Ñ¢ – YouTubeHubbard Glacier Timelapse (1 of 2) – YouTubeBiggest Greenland glacier break-up – YouTubeMount St. Helens Disintegrates in Enormous Landslide – YouTubeUnderneath the Iceberg – YouTubeCadillac ATS vs The World | Patagonia | Grey Glacier – YouTubeeuronews science – French sound alpine glacier alarm – YouTube


3rd Grade Ice cream

Make Ice Cream in a Plastic Bag –


Make Ice Cream in a Baggie – Freezing Point DepressionHow to Make Homemade Ice Cream in a Plastic Bag – YouTubeIceCream.comFun Facts On Ice Cream7 Little Known Facts about Ice Cream ¬´The Science of Food: Ice Cream! – YouTubeGoogle

Food Labels Nutrition Printables- Food Label Worksheets, Printout Activities Teaching K-5 Kids Food Labeling Facts

Hurricanes and Halloween

Hurricanes |
Fiery Cauldron (Halloween) – Periodic Table of Videos – YouTube
LIVE Superstorm Sandy Coverage – The Weather Channel – YouTube
Storm Barrels Through Region, Leaving Destructive Path –
HowStuffWorks “How Hurricanes Work”
September 2012 – Hurricanes – YouTube
How do hurricanes form? :: NASA’s The Space Place


3rd Grade Food Labels

Food Labels


Figuring Out Food LabelsNutrition Facts: An interactive guide to food labels РMayoClinic.comRide the Food Label Game- Fun Game for Kids, Reading Food Nutrition Labels, Learning Nutrition Labeling InformationLabeling & NutritionThe Food Label and You РYouTubeFood Labeling GuideAll about Food LabelsNutrition facts, calories in food, labels, nutritional information and analysis –

Saved Tabs

Food Labels
Figuring Out Food Labels
Nutrition Facts: An interactive guide to food labels –
Ride the Food Label Game- Fun Game for Kids, Reading Food Nutrition Labels, Learning Nutrition Labeling Information
Labeling & Nutrition
The Food Label and You – YouTube
Food Labeling Guide
All about Food Labels
Nutrition facts, calories in food, labels, nutritional information and analysis –
USDA Food Pyramid Explained – YouTube
Food Labeling Fact Sheets


November to December

5th Grade Water Cycle (Chapter 4)

Oceans Alive! | The Water Planet


Earth: The Water Planet – river, sea, oceans, salt, system, plants, oxygen, humanEarth: The Water Planet – YouTubePlanet Earth – Fresh Water HD – YouTubeBBC: Planet Earth: Fresh Water – Malawi deep – YouTube


4th Grade Groundwater and Surface Water

Groundwater – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


What is groundwater?The Story of Groundwater: Animated.ofr93-643–What is Ground Water?Ground Water and Drinking Water Homepage | Drinking Water | US EPAGroundwaterKids Corner: Groundwater VocabularySurface water – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaSurface Water Use, the USGS Water Science SchoolSurface Water HydrologySurface Water Quality Standards – Assessment and Restoration Support – Florida DEP7. Surface vs. Groundwater – Dr. WatersWater Cycle (part1): Surface Water and Groundwater – YouTubeGroundwater, the Hidden Source of life – YouTubeGoogle


5th Grade Transpiration

Transpiration – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The Water Cycle: Transpiration, from USGS Water-Science SchoolSurvival Water Procurement: Transpiration Bag – YouTubeTranspiration – YouTubeHydrologic Cycle – What Is the Hydrologic Cycle Video


3rd Grade Ketchup

Ketchup Ingredients


How ketchup is made – ingredients of, manufacture, making, history, used, processing, product, industry, machine, Raw Materials, The Manufacturing Process of ketchup, Quality ControlKetchup – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaOrganic_Heinz_Tomato_Ketchup.jpg 200√ó535 pixelsHeinz – KetchupTop Secret Recipes | Heinz Ketchup RecipeKetchup / Catsup History – Food HistoryHow its made – Heinz ketchup — Discovery Channel – YouTubeHow to Make Homemade Ketchup from Fresh Tomatoes – Easily! With Step-by-step Photos, Recipe, Directions, Ingredients and CostsA Brief History Of KetchupTomato ProductionList of countries by tomato production – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaFresh Market Tomato ProductionWhat is the difference between tomato sauce and tomato paste? – QuoraTomato – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


3rd Grade Grocery Stores

Grocery store – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The Secrets Behind Your Grocery Store’s Layout | RealSimple.comGrocery Store Layout Example – SmartDrawFMI | Food Marketing Institute | Supermarket FactsA Quick History of the Supermarket : | Supermarket History250px-Supermarkt.jpg 250√ó188 pixels250px-Fredmeyer_edit_1.jpg 250√ó164 pixelssave_supermarket.jpeg 500√ó375 pixelsHistory Of Grocery Stores – CBS News VideoNational Grocers Association – Home of the Independent GrocerWorld Without Food Science – YouTubeGrocery Store Wars (2005) – YouTubeCheck Yourself Out! The Science of Supermarket Design | Marketplace on GOODThe science of shopping: The way the brain buys | The Economist


3rd Grade An Invasive THANKSGIVING!!!

Invasive Plants Home


Invasive Plants — National Geographic KidsThe First Thanksgiving: The Thanksgiving FeastBioKIDS – Kids’ Inquiry of Diverse Species, Non-native/Introduced species and CommensalsPart6 “Non-native species?! Abandoned pets cause environmental destruction??” 1-Let’s study with comics! Why are animals in trouble? -Our endangered animals | KONICA MINOLTAECO-PROS Invasive Non-Native SpeciesInvasive SpeciesVideo: Invasive Species | Watch NatureWorks Online | PBS VideoCosmo’s World: Invasive Species – YouTubeComplete List – Top 10 Invasive Species – TIMEEEK! – Our Earth – Alien Invaders- Invasive SpeciesThanksgiving Fun FactsThanksgiving (United States) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThanksgiving Facts ‚Äî Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts


3rd Grade Trees for Winter

What is a tree scientist called? – Yahoo! Answers


Dendrology – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaTrees Are Good – Fun Facts About TreesTree Identification – dendrologyFun Nature Activities for Kids and Families‚Äé with Don Leopold- quaking aspen – YouTube‚Äé 480√ó689 pixelspic_2.jpg 380√ó477 pixels


3rd Grade Environmental Law Websites

Environmental Laws


Sustainability Basic InformationGames | Students | US EPAGreen Tips | TIME For KidsResearching & Writing A BillTen things that the government can do… – Environment – The IndependentLesson Plans – Grades PreK-5Green City, Clean Waters | Philadelphia Water DepartmentAll Issues | PennEnvironmentZOOM . action . Help the Environment | PBS KidsHow Kids Are Saving the Planet – Earth911.comHow Does Car Pollution Affect the Environment & Ozone Layer? | National GeographicOffice of Children’s Health Protection | US EPAVideo | Students | US EPA


December to January

5th Grade Waves

The Wave Equation


Longitudinal and Transverse Wave MotionHowStuffWorks “Deep Ocean Currents (Global Conveyor Belt)”‚Äé are waves?Ocean Waves – Learn About Ocean WavesHowStuffWorks Videos “Ocean Waves”Oceans in Motion: Waves and TidesModel of an ocean wave – YouTubeScience Town


3rd Grade Environmental Research Sites

US Environmental Protection Agency


Congress: Teaching It > Resources > Lesson Plans on CongressLink > Congressional Processes > Lesson Plan: Mock Senate Simulation > Writing the BillYouth and Government page100 Top Environment SitesScorecard HomeGreenpeace International Home | Greenpeace InternationalSierra Club Home Page: Explore, Enjoy and Protect the PlanetEnvironmental News Network — Know Your EnvironmentHome | Environmental Defense FundWWF – WWF100 Top Climate Change Sites : PSD : Physical Sciences DivisionInvalid URLwhat’s up with the weather?The Center for Environmental Policy | Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel UniversitySigned Legislation | The White HouseEPA Healthy School Environments – Legislation and RegulationPhila.Gov | Mayor’s Office of Sustainability | Greenworks Philadelphia | EnvironmentPhila.Gov | Public HealthZOOM . action . Help the Environment | PBS KidsEEK! Environmental Education for Kids


4th Grade Series Circuits

The Series Circuit


The Series CircuitSeries CircuitsThe Blobz Guide to Electric CircuitsPractice typing online. Type as fast as you can! Play Kids Gamesseries circuit – definition of series circuit by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.


4th Grade Simple Circuits

Engineering Interact – Interactive science & engineering for 9-11 year olds


Circuit Simulator AppletCircuit Construction Kit (DC Only) – Electricity, Circuits, Current – PhETThe Logic Lab: simulating simple circuits of logic gatesHOW TO MAKE A SIMPLE CIRCUIT – YouTubeThe Simple CircuitElectricity – Simple Circuits


4th Grade Simple Machines

Edheads – Simple Machines


“inQuiry Almanack” – Spotlighting… – March, 1997MIKIDS for YOUR KIDS!Simple MachinesASPIRE – Simple & Complex Machines – Student OverviewGlossary‚Äéexpress.howstuffworks.comInclined PlanesLemelson-MIT Program: Celebrating Invention and InnovationInclined PlanesDirtmeister: Simple MachinesThe Inventor’s Workshop Not FoundMachine and Wheels from Infocrumb Essex Community College ¬ª Page not foundMoving Along with Simple Machines, an integrated unit (Henry County Public Schools) Goldberg – biography, general information, art work, art ideas.SCREWS, SCREWS, AND MORE SCREWS!The Simple Machines Construction Site¬† is currently undergoing reconstruction Science Projects and Activities | Exploratorium Science SnacksInventorsToolbox: The Elements of MachinesUnderstanding Simple Machines – Maillardet’s Automaton–Franklin Institute Science MuseumWedges


4th Grade Friction Motion: Friction What is Friction?Friction РScience Games & Activities for KidsFriction Demo with a meterstick – Dot PhysicsThe Force of FrictionWHAT IS FRICTION?


4th Grade Gravity

HowStuffWorks “How does gravity work?”


Sir Isaac Newton: The Universal Law of GravitationGoogle GravityGravityBrainPOP | Science | Learn about GravityFamous Scientists and GravityOverview of the Force of Gravity by Ron Kurtus – Succeed in Understanding Physics: School for Champions


4th Grade Density Mass and Volume

Density – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Mass – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaVolume – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


5th Grade Longshore Drift

Dream Teacher Entry – Using a diagram explain the process of Longshore Drift – YouTube


NJDEP – Coastal Engineering – Beach NourishmentFight against emergency beach replenishment causing waves among shore towns |‚Äé Nourishment InfoBeach replenishmentLongshore DriftLongshore DriftLongshore Drift – YouTubeLongshore Drift and Depositional LandformsIsland Beach State Park, shoreline sand movement


5th Grade Deep Sea Exploration!

The Deep Sea | Ocean Portal | Smithsonian


NOAA, Ocean ExplorerNOAA Ocean Explorer: ExplorationsDeep Sea ExplorationDeep Sea ExplorationALVIN | Deep Sea SubmersibleMultimedia : Visual Tour : Woods Hole Oceanographic InstitutionDeep-sea exploration: The age of Aquarius | The EconomistA Brief HistoryLive Deep-Sea Exploration with the E/V Nautilus | Exploratorium TVDeep-Sea Exploration | Sea Research FoundationNational Geographic Events – Adventures in Deep Sea ExplorationDEEPSEA CHALLENGE – National Geographic EducationExploration | Deep Sea NewsDeep-Sea Exploration is the Next Big Thing For Billionaires : 80beats


3rd Grade Planets

Solar System Scope


The Solar System – Astronomy For Kids – KidsAstronomy.comThe Nine Planets Solar System TourPlanets – Zoom AstronomyPlanets, Planets Information, Facts, News, Photos — National Geographic


4th Grade Native American Project 1

Native American Heritage Month 2012


Native American dwellings power point.ppt – Google DriveNative American Homes: Wigwams, Longhouses, Tepees, Lodges, and other American Indian housesusaclimatezonesmapdk2.jpg 595√ó594 pixelsus_precip.gif 959√ó720 pixelsclimatemapusa2yv3.png 701√ó565 pixelsClimateMap_World.png 727√ó470 pixelsClimate – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Saved Tabs

Chemistry Dubstep – YouTube


Chemistry Dubstep – YouTube“DJENTSTEP (Metal + Dubstep Mash-up)” As performed by, Dave! [From BoyInABand] | LYRICS! – YouTubePUMPED UP KICKS|DUBSTEP – YouTubeLOUDER DUBSTEP – YouTubeDubstep Violin- Lindsey Stirling- Crystallize – YouTubeDubstep Remixes of Popular Songs – Paradise – Coldplay – YouTube


Jan to Feb

Atmosphere Sites

Week 16 – Google Drive


Jan 3 5th and 3rd – Google Drive‚Äé layers-en.PNG – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaEarth’s Atmosphere, Atmosphere Information, Facts, News, Photos — National GeographicLayers of the Earth’s Atmosphere: Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, and Exosphere‚Äé Energy in Earth’s AtmosphereEarth’s Atmosphere Layers For kidsReveal Earth’s Atmosphere – YouTubeA journey through the Atmosphere – YouTubeFelix Jumps At 128k feet! Red Bull Stratos – freefall from the edge of space – YouTube


3rd Grade Planet Action!

Solar System, Solar System Information, Facts, News, Photos — National Geographic


09 Planet Order ListSolar System Exploration: Solar System 101Flocabulary – Solar SystemJanuary 2013 guide to the five visible planets | Astronomy Essentials | EarthSky


Earth seasons 5th grade

nightskynewtimelapse.jpg 1,500√ó1,000 pixels


Jan 10 5th and 3rd – Google DriveThe Reasons for the SeasonsEarth’s Tilt Is the Reason for the Seasons!It’s not doomsday ‚Äî but it is winter – Technology & science – Science | NBC NewsWhat Causes Earth’s Seasons? – YouTubeBill Nye the Science Guy – “Rhyme and Season” – YouTubeSeasons (Science U)Seasons – Science for Kids!Explain the Cause of Seasons Sixth Grade Earth Science Standards I4CExplore a model of Earth’s yearly revolution around the sun.Reasons for the SeasonsSeasons AppletBill Nye The Science Guy Dubstep Remix – YouTubeBill Nye Seasons 3.flv – YouTubeNational Weather Service – NWS FlagstaffSeasons – Kids Science Videos, Games and Lessons that Make Learning Fun and EasyFlocabulary Videos – YouTube



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